Foreign Researchers in Spain

The “Guide for the Management of the Mobility of the Foreign Researcher in Spain, 2014” may be very useful if you are a foreign researcher who lives in Spain or is moving there soon.

Here you will find up-to-date information about the labour situation, everyday life, and the specific characteristics of Spain, as well as the procedures necessary to become established in our country.

The complete contents of the guide are revised every two years. Do not hesitate to contact us ( if you find information that needs updating; we will do it immediately.

To download the different versions of the publication (pdf, executive summary and browsable version), click on the following images:

Welcome to the Researcher's Guide


1. European Union Framework

     1.1. The European Union Framework for Human Resources in R+D

2. Researching in Spain

     2.1. The Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System

     2.2. Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

     2.3. A Research Career in Spain

     2.4. Protection of R+D

3. Entry and Residence in Spain

     3.1. Introduction

     3.2. Entry To Spain

     3.3. Definition and Categories of Visas

     3.4. What procedures do I need to carry out?

     3.5. Procedures to Undertake in Spain

     3.6. Do I need to validate my qualifications to obtain a Visa?

     3.7. Procedures for family entrance and residency

     3.8. Procedures for foreign researchers entrance

4. Working in Spain

     4.1. The labour market in Spain

     4.2. Tax

     4.3. Social Security

     4.4. National Health System

     4.5. Other Women's Rights

5. The Spanish Education System

     5.1. School year, places and enrolment

     5.2. School and colleges

     5.3. Joinning the education system

     5.4. University system

     5.5. Useful addresses

6. Spain Euraxess Network

7. Checklist of procedures for entering and leaving Spain

8. Glossary: Abbreviations and acronyms

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